14 October 2010

And all your friends are moving to ...

We're moving the old blog to a new better place. You may want to pour yourself a cup of coffee, or a glass of good wine, depending on what time of the day you're reading this, because the new place is full of pictures, videos and information about us and our artist! It's located here:
Check it out dudes!


  1. Um, i might be looking in the completely wrong places, but i can't find the rss subscription button on the new site. It's probably right in front of me as usual, but just in case... a little help?

    Also, please stop having each album you publish be so great. You're making the rest of us look bad.

  2. hahaah thankssssss! this is the feed
    it's at the bottom of page

  3. thank's for your information and i like your post