28 May 2010

Reel Around Me

Soda Fountain Rag è Ragnhild Hogstad Jordahl. Nel 2006 pubblica un cdr autoprodotto che fa innamorare molti, uno tra i tanti (ma uno speciale) è Salvatore, curatore di, (purtroppo ferma da fin troppo tempo) che di lei scriveva "Se per Ragnhild non esitiamo a parlare di Genio è perché le sue canzoni istantaneamente orecchiabili possiedono un doppio fondo, una qualità avvolgente e addirittura tenebrosa che sovrappone immagini di alba e tramonto in mezzo alla solitudine di Bergen". Sono proprio le canzoni vecchissime (del 2006) e vecchie (2007!) che finiscono su Reel Around Me, per la prima volta suonate dal vivo in studio, insieme ad Anders Kaasen e Nickolai Nilsen.
Il come e il perchè di questo disco sono in questo brevissimo racconto.

Reel Around Me esce il 28 Maggio per We Were Never Being Boring su LP 10" ed è coprodotto con gli indiepoppers irlandesi di YesBoyIcecream. Ecco qui la tracklist:

1. Dogwalkin' Summer
2. New Dancing Shoes
3. Are Philosophers Lonely? ()
4. The Catcher
5. You are not Invited to my Wedding ()

6. You Can't Stop Me
7. Give Yourself a Break
8. Pirate Love ()
9. Too Late for Us

All songs written by Ragnhild Hogstad Jordahl , but “You are Not Invited to my Wedding” was reinvented by Anders. Soda Fountain Rag are Ragnhild Hogstad Jordahl (drums, vocals), Anders Kaasen (guitar), and Nickolai Nilsen (bass).
Alessandro Scagliarini played trumpet and flute on “Are philosophers lonely?”.
Recorded at Perpetuum Mobile, Nave (BS) by Alessandro Paderno, except trumpet and flute recorded by Paolo Torreggiani. Mixed at Us Random Calculator, Ghedi (BS) by Alessandro Paderno. Mastered at Bluefemme, Montirone (BS) by Marco Franzoni.
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27 May 2010

My Bubba & Mi - Fuck the Pain Away (Peaches cover)

Check out the awesome new video of My Bubba & Mi in Utrecht, while performing Fuck the Pain Away by Peaches!

09 May 2010

Evolution on Calorifers

We didn't hear any news from The Calorifer is Very Hot! lately, where are our guys? They text us this message:

Yeah! After bringing our creature to UK and Switzerland, the sun calls us to cross the borders and export our tunes for some gigs in Germany (where we will share the stage with The Wave Pictures!!!) and in Spain (where we will share the stage with the beach!). Check our tour page to join us singin'!

Ok, this is the plan!

07.05.10 @ FRANZIS - Wetzlar [GERMANY] w/ The Wave Pictures
08.05.10 @ MADAME CLAUDE - Berlin [GERMANY]
10.05.10 @ PONYBAR - Hamburg [GERMANY]
12.05.10 @ COTTON CLUB - Bilbao [SPAIN]
13.05.10 @ PIC NIC, Madrid [SPAIN]
14.05.10 @ LA FAENA - MADRID [SPAIN]
15.05.10 @ COYOTE UGLY, Alicante [SPAIN]

Their album "Evolution on Stand-By" is available here.

05 May 2010

Horrible Present

Horrible Present
Horrible Present sent us his first demos, full of lo-fi indiepop and quirky melodies, and now we are very proud to release his first single as a free download: Wilson Lullabies EP.
Expect noisy guitars, dirty electronics and lots of reverb.
Check out his blog for more details, beautiful pictures and random poetry.