14 October 2010

And all your friends are moving to ...

We're moving the old blog to a new better place. You may want to pour yourself a cup of coffee, or a glass of good wine, depending on what time of the day you're reading this, because the new place is full of pictures, videos and information about us and our artist! It's located here:
Check it out dudes!

11 September 2010

keep me posted ... in September

There are some great news you have to know, like Welcome Back Sailors' new video "Love's the answer, blame it" (premiere on Delicious Scopitone), nostalgia and Super8... Or their review by Enrico Veronese on September's BLOW UP (7!)
On the same magazine there's also Soda Fountain Rag's review (7!) of the new 10 inches vynil "Reel around me", which has been positively reviewed as well from Tom on

We would like to know a bit more from The Calorifer is Very Hot! that moved to the US....they talk about great news, but for that we have to wait.

We've heard Horrible Present is setting up an awesome live show. updates soon on (where you can find new songs and a very funny video!)

02 September 2010

WWNBB Collective Birthday Party #3

Abbiamo superato indenni l'estate e il primo anno di vita della nostra non etichetta discografica, tranquilli, non siappiamo nemmeno noi come abbiamo fatto. Ma dopo tutti i dischi che abbiamo pubblicato a luglio, avevamo proprio voglia di accendere gli amplificatori e farci una gita al mare.

Il 10 settembre, dalle 21 in poi, A CLASSIC EDUCATION + DEATH IN PLAINS + WELCOME BACK SAILORS. Hana-Bi, Spiaggia 72, Marina di Ravenna.
Qui l'evento di facebook, qui quello di

23 August 2010

My bubba & the world!

Saying goodbye to Italy (for a very little while, we hope!), My bubba & Mi invite you to the world!
In October the scandinavian trio is going to play at Iceland Airwaves !!
But that's not the only good news: during the next weeks the band will play festivals such as Into the Great Wide Open and Noorderzon in the Netherlands.
Check their moves at and try not to miss them live!

06 August 2010

Full-time daddy (part time punk)


«Jaakko ja hänen mahtava ukulelensa vuol dire "G e il suo incredibile ukulele" in finlandese. G abita a Helsinki (tra poco si trasferirà a Strasburgo). G ha formato il suo primo gruppo in riva a un lago della Germania Orientale. La musica di G è ispirata ai dischi delle etichette statali AMIGA e MELODIYA. G non è un teenager da cameretta, è un adulto con un lavoro accademico e una famiglia.» (G - Jaakko ja hänen mahtava ukulelensa).

«Jaakko ja hänen mahtava ukulelensa (it means 'Jaaakko and his amazing ukulele' in Finnish) is formed by G and by a ukulele. G sings and the ukulele is played.
G lives in Helsinki, Finland (but he is moving to Strasburg). G formed his first band on the shore of an East-German lake in the summer of 1989. The music of G is inspired by AMIGA and MELODIYA records, the ones you can buy in fleamarkets in central Europe.
G is no bedroom tween, he is a grown-up man, has an academic job and a family.» (G - Jaakko ja hänen mahtava ukulelensa).

Download WWNBB #012

<a href="">Full-time daddy (part-time punk) by We Were Never Being Boring collective</a>

23 July 2010

My Bubba & self-titled debut

 my bubba & mi
Un anno fa arrivarono in Italia per la prima volta con qualche canzone e un bellissimo EP. Con le loro voci ci hanno incantato e l'EP ovviamente andò esaurito prima della fine del tour.
Ora che le loro melodie stanno stregando gente in tutto il mondo con il loro album, WWNBB è felice di ristampare l'EP di debutto di My bubba & Mi in edizione limitata per il loro tour che inizia proprio oggi! Se sei uno che proprio non sa attendere puoi comprarlo qui oppure dai un occhio alle date qui sotto e compra l'EP direttamente dalle ragazze dopo il concerto!

VEN 23 LUG - CESENA @ Caffeina
SAB 24 LUG - MIRANDOLA (MO) @ Fortezza delle Donne - Castello dei Pico
MAR 27 LUG - VENEZIA @ Metricubi - Campiello delle Erbe
SAB 31 LUG - GUSPINI @ Here I Stay Festival - Sleepwalkers
MER 04 AGO - TERNI @ Tabard Inn
GIO 05 AGO - ROMA @ The Place
VEN 06 AGO - SAN SALVO (CH) @ Beat Cafè

compra il 5'' cdr - 30 copies limited edition

(7€ - Italia)

One year ago, they arrived in Italy for the first time with some songs on their strings and a beautiful EP in their vintage bags. The songs enchanted our country and the EP was sold out before the end of the tour. Now that their voices are bewitching people from every country with their full lenght, WWNBB is happy to reissue My bubba & Mi's self-titled debut EP. It's a limited edition for their Italian tour starting today!
If you are impatient you can buy it here or look to find your city and buy the EP live from the girls!

VEN 23 LUG - CESENA @ Caffeina
SAB 24 LUG - MIRANDOLA (MO) @ Fortezza delle Donne - Castello dei Pico
MAR 27 LUG - VENEZIA @ Metricubi - Campiello delle Erbe
SAB 31 LUG - GUSPINI @ Here I Stay Festival - Sleepwalkers
MER 04 AGO - TERNI @ Tabard Inn
GIO 05 AGO - ROMA @ The Place
VEN 06 AGO - SAN SALVO (CH) @ Beat Cafè

buy the 5'' cdr - 30 copies limited edition

(8€ - world)

21 July 2010

Frida & Ale Present...

 Frida & Ale
«Ehi, ecco qui per voi un altro regalo speciale. È un progetto segreto e un po' particolare. Non possiamo dirvi molto di più, se non che parla di crescere, di desiderare e dell'essere "experts in meaningless and self-destructive love"» (Ale - Frida&Ale).

Download WWNBB #010
oppure compra il 5'' cdr - 30 copies limited edition

(5€ - Italia)

«Hey! Here is another special gift. It's a secret project, and it's a bit peculiar. We can't really tell you more than this. As far as I know, it's about growing up, wishing and being "experts in meaningless and self-destructive love" (Ale - Frida&Ale).

Download WWNBB #010
or buy the 5'' cdr - 30 copies limited edition

(6€ - world)

<a href="">Self-destructive Girlfriends by We Were Never Being Boring collective</a>

19 July 2010


We like to make parties! Most of all when it's about WWNBB! And even more if we celebrate our birthday! So join us on friday 23rd of July at Flo:P in Mestre, to see Le Man Avec Les Lunettes and The Calorifer is Very Hot! toasting Champagne on stage and down stage, while Polaroid's Dj set will make everyone happy and dancy. Expect new gadgets and a lot of music.
If you are not around take the chance to go to the first My bubba & Mi's gig of their summer tour, in Cesena at Caffeina. Our scandinavian band is packing its old instruments and nice clothes for some amazing gigs around Italy. And it's actually from Bubba that we received the poster as a birthday present! Thank you! And now.. Let's party!

11 July 2010

Crawling down the stairs

Someone is walking around, looking for special stairs! A new video for a new song recorded by Le Man Avec Les Lunettes for PEACE (an initiative co-produced by Buffetlibre and Amnesty International Catalunya).
The song is called “Crawling Down The Stairs”. The author is Dylan Brady, a young and talented guy from USA.

06 July 2010

Flying smiles in a hot hot summer

 Still Flyin' + The Calorifer Is Very Hot! «Ecco un altro regalo rigorosamente fatto in casa. Bastano un paio di microfoni panoramici, tanto vino e una ventina di musicisti da tutto il mondo stretti tra la cucina e le scale con i più improbabili strumenti in mano. La più classica delle jam, o meglio una felice joint venture. Semplici melodie. Racconti di vacanze al mare. La prima fidanzatina spagnola. Le baie della California. La luce fioca della primavera svedese. Il tramonto sull'oceano in Australia. I messicani buoni e il messicano davvero buono. La storia della nebbia padana questa volta fingiamo di non ricordarcela, ma gli Still Flyin' ci stanno dentro a meraviglia. Portarli in tour in Italia è stato come avverare un sogno.
E poi, tra il tuono di uno space echo e le prove piene di risate e stupore, ci incantiamo su One Fell Swoop di Chris Knox. Suona come la bonus track ideale per questi giorni fantastici» (Nic - The Calorifer Is Very Hot!).

«Here's another homemade gift. All we need is just a couple of microphones, a lot of wine and a dozen of musicians from around the world caught between the kitchen and the stairs with the most different instruments in their hands. You can call it a classic jam, or rather a successful joint venture. Simple melodies. Tales of holidays. The first Spanish girlfriend. The bays of California. The dim light of spring in Sweden. The sunset over the ocean in Australia. Nice Mexicans and a very good mexican. We pretend not to remember that joke about the fog in Emilia but Still Flyin' suit the situation perfectly. Bringing them on tour in Italy was like a dream for us.
And then, between the thunder of a space echo and rehearsals full of laughters and amazement, we enchant ourselves on One Fell Swoop by Chris Knox. Sounds like the ideal bonus track for those lovely days" (Nic - The Calorifer Is Very Hot!).

29 June 2010

I'll be there

Proseguono i festeggiamenti per il primo compleanno del We Were Never Being Boring collective e oggi siamo super felici di presentarvi I'll Be There, singolo di debutto in free download per Welcome Back Sailors, duo reggiano che in appena tre canzoni saprà trasportarvi dalla Bassa alle Baleari. Bedroom synth pop con una finestra ben spalancata verso un cielo terso: i ritmi sono flessuosi come le onde calme del pomeriggio e le melodie scintillano come il sole tra le foglie. Canzoni che lasciano scorrere la sabbia tra le mani, riverberi senza fretta, just chillin'.

We keep celebrating We Were Never Being Boring collective's first birthday and today we are super happy to present you I'll Be There, the free download debut single by Welcome Back Sailors, a duo from Reggio Emilia who will transport you from the Bassa to the Balearic Islands in just three songs. Bedroom synth-pop with a window wide open to a clear blue sky: their beats flex like the calm waves of the afternoon and the melodies shine like the sun through the leaves. The songs slip by like the sand between your hands, reverbs without haste, just chillin'.

22 June 2010

This is The Biggest Way!

Oslo was blissfully beautiful and after warm cup of tea Le Man Avec Les Lunettes played a special version of "The Biggest Way", off their album Plaskaplaskabombelibom. Rastløs #14 - Le Man Avec Les Lunettes from on Vimeo.

Song commissioned by the norvegian website

My bubba & Mi + His Clancyness (free download)

My bubba & Mi + His Clancyness (free download)

We Were Never Being Boring collective is super happy to release a new song by My Bubba & Mi, a present specially made for their recent italian tour. His Clancyness heard it and decided to join the WWNBB's birthday celebration and recorded a cover:
There is quite a distance in the music that we make but while attending and filming a radio session with My bubba & Mi I heard their jingle. Three girls ready to rough up the already bruised Italian land.
I was instantly taken in and tried to learn the lyrics on the spot. I remembered the melody but forgot to press start on the camera, therefore no video but an instant urge to run home, learn the song and record it. That's what I did. I love the lyrics and I love the fact of being a male singing them. I was also told the girls were pretty strict about their music making magic, so yeah, in the back of my mind I wanted to get it right, get some bliss in it, I added a verse. I hope I got it right. If not at least I have a new soothing melody inside me.

[Jonathan Clancy / his clancyness]
Still available, How It’s Done In Italy was released on March 8th by We Were Never Being Boring (CD and LP with amazing handmade covers!).

Questo singolo è una nuova canzone delle My Bubba & Mi, un regalo che ci hanno fatto in occasione del loro recente tour in Italia. His Clancyness l'ha sentita e ha deciso di unirsi ai festeggiamenti per il compleanno della WWNBB registrandone una cover:
C'è una certa distanza nella musica che facciamo, ma mentre stavo filmando una sessione radio di My bubba & Mi, ho sentito il loro jingle. Tre ragazze pronte a percorrere nuovamente la nostra penisola. Sono stato subito colpito e ho cercato di imparare immediatamente il testo della canzone. Mi sono ricordato la melodia ma ho dimenticato di premere start sulla videocamera, quindi nessun video, ma l'impulso immediato di correre a casa, imparare la canzone e registrarla. Ed è quello che ho fatto. Mi piace il testo e mi piace il fatto che sia un uomo a cantarla. Mi avevano detto che le ragazze sono abbastanza rigide sul loro magico modo di fare musica, quindi avevo in testa di farla bene, di aggiungere qualcosa di speciale e ho aggiunto un verso. Spero di aver fatto bene. In ogni caso ho una nuova melodia rilassante dentro di me.
[Jonathan Clancy / his clancyness]

How It's Done In Italy è uscito l'8 Marzo 2010 su We Were Never Being Boring collective in CD ed LP (con magnifiche copertine fatte a mano!).

21 June 2010

Happy Birthday to us!

Ian Fays - Happy Birthday
The lovely Ian Fays from California sent us this postcard to wishes us Happy Birthday!
Tomorrow We Were Never Being Boring Collective turns one year old, so we've decided to celebrate for the whole month. Expect new releases, free mp3s, secret parties and gigs. Check out the blog very soon, hooray!

07 June 2010

Soda Fountain Rag in streaming su Rolling Stone!

Siamo contentissimi di informarvi che da oggi potete ascoltare Reel Around Me sul sito di Rolling Stone!

Soda Fountain Rag: Bergen mon amour - Musica - RollingStone

28 May 2010

Reel Around Me

Soda Fountain Rag è Ragnhild Hogstad Jordahl. Nel 2006 pubblica un cdr autoprodotto che fa innamorare molti, uno tra i tanti (ma uno speciale) è Salvatore, curatore di, (purtroppo ferma da fin troppo tempo) che di lei scriveva "Se per Ragnhild non esitiamo a parlare di Genio è perché le sue canzoni istantaneamente orecchiabili possiedono un doppio fondo, una qualità avvolgente e addirittura tenebrosa che sovrappone immagini di alba e tramonto in mezzo alla solitudine di Bergen". Sono proprio le canzoni vecchissime (del 2006) e vecchie (2007!) che finiscono su Reel Around Me, per la prima volta suonate dal vivo in studio, insieme ad Anders Kaasen e Nickolai Nilsen.
Il come e il perchè di questo disco sono in questo brevissimo racconto.

Reel Around Me esce il 28 Maggio per We Were Never Being Boring su LP 10" ed è coprodotto con gli indiepoppers irlandesi di YesBoyIcecream. Ecco qui la tracklist:

1. Dogwalkin' Summer
2. New Dancing Shoes
3. Are Philosophers Lonely? ()
4. The Catcher
5. You are not Invited to my Wedding ()

6. You Can't Stop Me
7. Give Yourself a Break
8. Pirate Love ()
9. Too Late for Us

All songs written by Ragnhild Hogstad Jordahl , but “You are Not Invited to my Wedding” was reinvented by Anders. Soda Fountain Rag are Ragnhild Hogstad Jordahl (drums, vocals), Anders Kaasen (guitar), and Nickolai Nilsen (bass).
Alessandro Scagliarini played trumpet and flute on “Are philosophers lonely?”.
Recorded at Perpetuum Mobile, Nave (BS) by Alessandro Paderno, except trumpet and flute recorded by Paolo Torreggiani. Mixed at Us Random Calculator, Ghedi (BS) by Alessandro Paderno. Mastered at Bluefemme, Montirone (BS) by Marco Franzoni.
Cover design by

27 May 2010

My Bubba & Mi - Fuck the Pain Away (Peaches cover)

Check out the awesome new video of My Bubba & Mi in Utrecht, while performing Fuck the Pain Away by Peaches!

09 May 2010

Evolution on Calorifers

We didn't hear any news from The Calorifer is Very Hot! lately, where are our guys? They text us this message:

Yeah! After bringing our creature to UK and Switzerland, the sun calls us to cross the borders and export our tunes for some gigs in Germany (where we will share the stage with The Wave Pictures!!!) and in Spain (where we will share the stage with the beach!). Check our tour page to join us singin'!

Ok, this is the plan!

07.05.10 @ FRANZIS - Wetzlar [GERMANY] w/ The Wave Pictures
08.05.10 @ MADAME CLAUDE - Berlin [GERMANY]
10.05.10 @ PONYBAR - Hamburg [GERMANY]
12.05.10 @ COTTON CLUB - Bilbao [SPAIN]
13.05.10 @ PIC NIC, Madrid [SPAIN]
14.05.10 @ LA FAENA - MADRID [SPAIN]
15.05.10 @ COYOTE UGLY, Alicante [SPAIN]

Their album "Evolution on Stand-By" is available here.

05 May 2010

Horrible Present

Horrible Present
Horrible Present sent us his first demos, full of lo-fi indiepop and quirky melodies, and now we are very proud to release his first single as a free download: Wilson Lullabies EP.
Expect noisy guitars, dirty electronics and lots of reverb.
Check out his blog for more details, beautiful pictures and random poetry.

30 March 2010

My updated Bubba

- The lovely My Bubba & Mi girls have now a shiny new web page ready for you. Don't forget to refresh it: it's always changing! HERE.

- Beep! Beep! Back up the Truck released a new label sampler. It's entitled Behold My Puny Bears, Vol. II and of course it features a song by My Bubba & Mi: listen to the album here.

- For those of you who asked some more details about our handmade record covers:

- It would be great if you guys could spread the word about How it's done in Italy. It's easy: just go on and click on "share"!
This is what you will find:

<a href="">Gone by My Bubba & Mi</a>

24 March 2010

My Bubba & Mi announce European Tour

My Bubba & Mi have just announced a full European tour in support of their first LP How it's done in Italy, which is out now. See below for full dates.
A few more gigs have yet to be announced, so check back to see if they'll be hitting your town!

25 MAR - COPENAGHEN (DK) @ Bartoff
30 MAR - HANNOVER (GER) @ Glocksee
01 APR - UNNA (GER) @ Spatz und Wal
03 APR - METZ (FRA) @ Emil Vache
04 APR - MIDDELBURG (NL)@ Ko D'oooor "Avonduren"
05 APR - AMSTERDAM (NL) @ Dwaze Zaken café
06 APR - LEIDEN (NL) @ Wot Nxt houseconcert
07 APR - GRONINGEN (NL) @ De Kunstbank
08 APR - BRUXELLES (BE) @ La Piola
09 APR - UTRECHT (NL) @ De Stern / BEEP! BEEP! release party
11 APR - BILBAO (SPA) @ Cotton Club
12 APR - MADRID (SPA) @ RTVE - radio show
13 APR - MADRID (SPA) @ Fotomoatòn
15 APR - BERN (CH) @ Cafè Kairo
16 APR - BRESCIA - TIPO "00"
17 APR - ISOLA DELLA SCALA (Verona) @ Ca' Magre
18 APR - FERRARA @ Zuni
19 APR - BOLOGNA @ house show
20 APR - GENOVA @ Kitchen Mon Amour
21 APR - SANSEPOLCRO (Arezzo) @ Enoteca Tiratardi
22 APR - ROMA @ Dal Verme
23 APR - FOLIGNO @ officina 34
24 APR - TERNI @ La Palmetta
25 APR - BARI @ Storie Del Vecchio Sud
29 APR - CESENA @ Lego Cafè
30 APR - PEGOGNAGA (Mantova) @ Casbah
01 MAG - Guastalla (RE) @ The Cleb - Handmade Festival 2010

05 March 2010

How It's Done in Italy

Le tre fanciulle scandinave che prendono il nome di My Bubba and Mi sembrano quasi non voler sapere nulla della loro stessa musica. Preferiscono appropriarsi dei tanti piccoli dettagli oggi trascurati e dispersi tra gli zero e gli uno della traduzione digitale. Tutti questi particolari le My Bubba and Mi li hanno raccolti con cura e racchiusi in uno scrigno a forma di disco intitolato How It's Done In Italy.
L'amore per i tempi andati, per il banjo e il tè con i biscotti è stato raccontato, cantato e suonato dalle ragazze durante l'estate del 2009 in una vecchia casa nelle campagne bresciane, proprio dove cominciano le Alpi. Il suono è quello dei prati pieni di sole e delle passeggiate di notte. In mezzo ci sono anche tante cose che scricchiolano, non c'è nessun trucco né finzione, forse soltanto un po' di sogno. Ascoltare How It's Done In Italy è come entrare piano nella cucina dove le ragazze stanno suonando, tra una tavola e il camino. A chi ama infilare la musica nei cassetti, suggeriremmo di cercare in quello del pre-folk, o in quello dell'old-blues, oppure, più semplicemente, di trovare un cassetto nuovo e scriverci sopra My Bubba and Mi.

How It's Done In Italy esce l'8 Marzo su We Were Never Being Boring su CD ed LP (con magnifiche copertine fatte a mano!). Inoltre verrà licenziato per il BeNeLux da Beep! Beep! Back up the Truck.
Dal 25 Marzo al 30 Aprile My Bubba and Mi saranno in tour in Europa e in Italia per presentare le magnifiche canzoni presenti su “How It's Done In Italy”.

The three Scandinavian girls who go by the name My bubba & Mi don´t seem to make a big fuzz about their music. Rather, they focus on the small details that are neglected or lost these days - the things between the zeroes and ones of digital translation. All these little details have been lovingly collected by My Bubba & Mi and carefully placed in a record-shaped container entitled How It's Done In Italy.
During the summer of 2009 the girls sung, played and told of their love for old times, for banjo, and the romantic life, in an old house in the Brescian countryside, right where the Alps begin. The sound recalls sunny fields and night strolls. In the gaps there are things that creak - no tricks, no fakes, perhaps only the hint of a dream. Listening to How It's Done in Italy is like silently entering a kitchen where the girls are playing between the table and the fireplace. For those who like to place their music into drawers, we suggest you look into the pre-folk one, or the old blues one. Or just find an empty one and label it My Bubba & Mi.

How It’s Done In Italy will be released on March 8th by We Were Never Being Boring (CD and LP with amazing handmade covers!) and licensed for Benelux by Beep! Beep! Back up the Truck. From March 25th to May 1st the band will be on tour in Europe to share with you the beautiful melodies from the album. Not to be missed!!

25 February 2010

My Bubba & Mi new album on WWNBB!

We Were Never Being Boring collective is extremely happy to present How It's Done In Italy, the debut album by the lovely danish band My Bubba & Mi.
We put a lot of energy in this release. The first step was also the most difficult one: setting up a tour in Italy in spring of 2009, and on top of that a second one the following summer. By this point we were definitely "in love", we succumbed completely and we decided to record this album together at the studio operated by The Calorifer Is Very Hot!.
And then the girls found those wonderful vintage brown-paper record covers from the Fifties, and so we hand-made all 1500 LPs, and then new friends came along to collaborate with us... and now we have How It's Done In Italy, and we are so proud of it!
Here is what the girls had to say in an interview on Beep!Beep!.
The album will be released March 8th on CD and LP.