09 May 2010

Evolution on Calorifers

We didn't hear any news from The Calorifer is Very Hot! lately, where are our guys? They text us this message:

Yeah! After bringing our creature to UK and Switzerland, the sun calls us to cross the borders and export our tunes for some gigs in Germany (where we will share the stage with The Wave Pictures!!!) and in Spain (where we will share the stage with the beach!). Check our tour page to join us singin'!

Ok, this is the plan!

07.05.10 @ FRANZIS - Wetzlar [GERMANY] w/ The Wave Pictures
08.05.10 @ MADAME CLAUDE - Berlin [GERMANY]
10.05.10 @ PONYBAR - Hamburg [GERMANY]
12.05.10 @ COTTON CLUB - Bilbao [SPAIN]
13.05.10 @ PIC NIC, Madrid [SPAIN]
14.05.10 @ LA FAENA - MADRID [SPAIN]
15.05.10 @ COYOTE UGLY, Alicante [SPAIN]

Their album "Evolution on Stand-By" is available here.

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