19 July 2010


We like to make parties! Most of all when it's about WWNBB! And even more if we celebrate our birthday! So join us on friday 23rd of July at Flo:P in Mestre, to see Le Man Avec Les Lunettes and The Calorifer is Very Hot! toasting Champagne on stage and down stage, while Polaroid's Dj set will make everyone happy and dancy. Expect new gadgets and a lot of music.
If you are not around take the chance to go to the first My bubba & Mi's gig of their summer tour, in Cesena at Caffeina. Our scandinavian band is packing its old instruments and nice clothes for some amazing gigs around Italy. And it's actually from Bubba that we received the poster as a birthday present! Thank you! And now.. Let's party!

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