25 February 2010

My Bubba & Mi new album on WWNBB!

We Were Never Being Boring collective is extremely happy to present How It's Done In Italy, the debut album by the lovely danish band My Bubba & Mi.
We put a lot of energy in this release. The first step was also the most difficult one: setting up a tour in Italy in spring of 2009, and on top of that a second one the following summer. By this point we were definitely "in love", we succumbed completely and we decided to record this album together at the studio operated by The Calorifer Is Very Hot!.
And then the girls found those wonderful vintage brown-paper record covers from the Fifties, and so we hand-made all 1500 LPs, and then new friends came along to collaborate with us... and now we have How It's Done In Italy, and we are so proud of it!
Here is what the girls had to say in an interview on Beep!Beep!.
The album will be released March 8th on CD and LP.

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